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Live Events



Live events include anything from weddings, birthdays, corporate get togethers, and the like.  Drawing at events is always a great time for me and the guests.  They receive a take home gift and I get to make fun of people for a few hours.  Frankly, it's a win win.


I can draw about 17-20 people per hour in black and white. Color upon request.  Bags included

Rates for Live Events:


$100 per hour


Any event further than 20 miles from my home (Schaefferstown, PA) there is a 2 hour minimum.

Travel costs will apply on any event further than 80 miles my home (may be waived depending on the amount of hours hired)


If interested or would like to book an event, contact me at or call (717)-383-1571


Caricatures make a wonderful gift or surprise for loved ones, friends, pets, the guy next door, or even yourself.   They could also be done for weddings, save the dates, graduation announcements, birthdays, and so on.  If you desire artwork besides that of a caricature,

I would be happy to oblige those requests as well; simply email me for a quote.



Caricature options:


Black and White

Head and shoulders

$18 per person


Head and shoulders

$22 per person


Full body doing something

$30 per person

All the above caricature options are done on 11x14 paper using marker and art stix.

Shipping not included in price.


Ink and Watercolor Illustration Caricature:


Size: 11"x14" unless requested otherwise

Each Illustration is done with any theme of your choosing. Get creative!

One Person: $75

     Each additional Person in the illustration: +$20

--overly complicated themes are welcome, but may cost extra.--



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